The Cost and Benefits of having a Private Security Patrol Service for Your Neighborhood

A lot of people in America are under the impression that, since they’re paying taxes, then they are entitled to a broad range of quality services. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to have this mindset. After all, you’re paying hard-earned money to the government.

That money is not free. You didn’t pick those tax dollars off the street and handed it over to Uncle Sam. You traded sweat, toil and tears for those dollars. So, in the end, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to assume that there has to be some sort of exchange or value for money as far as your tax dollars go.

Well, the truth is, certain cities and residential areas in many parts of the United States have gone through tremendous changes. And sadly, a lot of these changes are not all that positive. Let’s be honest, in certain parts of the country which are very rich, very well-off, and otherwise very modern, they operate, look and even smell like third world countries.

What am I talking about? Well, in a third world country, it’s very easy for Americans to assume that everybody is poor. It’s very easy to assume that everybody’s just barely getting by and everybody’s desperate for money because most people are living, or are forced to live, on less than $2 a day. In fact, up to half of the world’s population live on less than $2 a day.

Here’s the thing, though. When you go to a typical third world country, those income statistics are true for the vast majority of the population. We’re talking upwards of 90% of the population are basically forced to struggle.

But what about the 10%? Better yet, what about the 10% of that 10%? This is where minds are blown. Because when you go to upper class neighborhoods, anywhere from Guatemala to the Philippines, Thailand, South Africa and elsewhere, it’s as if you never left the United States. You get access to the best amenities, you get access to the best selection of food, and so on and so forth.

That’s the third world for you. There’s a huge divide in income and net worth and also public services. A lot of those places and elite neighborhoods in third world countries are completely off limits to the rank and file resident of those countries. There are roaming guards armed with shotguns, and there are surveillance cameras all over the place. They are also often decked out in electric fences.

I raise this situation with you because, in many parts of the United States, it’s beginning to look like the third world. You have very affluent enclaves, like Los Angeles, where a significant chunk of the population make north of $300,000 per year, year after year.

However, inhabiting roughly the same space are people who have no money. These are the homeless, the drug addicted, and individuals struggling with mental health issues. They live on the streets.

So, you have this really heartbreaking situation where diseases that were thought to have been obliterated many decades ago are staging a comeback.

It’s unusual to read the news and hear about cholera outbreaks in San Francisco, or typhus and rat infestations in New York and Los Angeles. It’s really hard to square the extreme or even obscene affluence of Los Angeles’ upper crust and the ever-increasing number of completely impoverished people.

And only until recently did the middle class get a break. Because for the longest time, there was a creeping suspicion that the middle class will actually be pushed into poverty or working-class status, and many working-class people would be pushed into abject poverty.

Well, this did not happen, thanks to the fact that the economy turned around fairly recently. I raise this issue with you because, increasingly, more and more neighborhoods are employing private security patrols. Put simply, they don’t trust the local police to do a decent enough job.

How come? Well, the local police have to patrol the complete neighborhood. Whether we’re talking about a county, a specific city, or a specific town, police are responsible for a very large area. They have to take care of both the poor and the rich, as well as the middle class. They’re spread out. In many cases, they’re spread too thin.

This is where private security patrol services make a lot of sense for an ever-increasing number of neighborhoods throughout the United States. The big cost is obvious. This is out of pocket expense, okay? You’re not getting a credit for the taxes you paid to the county or the city.

Instead, this is in addition to the taxes that you are already paying, supposedly to protect yourself and your family. It also costs a lot of money to get the right permits. The benefits of having a private security patrol service is also quite obvious because you are getting specialized security just for your neighborhood.

This doesn’t apply across the board. They couldn’t care less about the area next to yours. All these armed, highly trained patrol people care about is you and your family. So, fairly recently, more and more Americans are signing up for private security patrols.

In the third world, this has been happening since forever. In fact, places like Brazil have exclusive enclaves that are purely privatized when it comes to security.

It’s as if people are just living in pockets of highly secure and almost locked down areas because of the abject fear they have of the violence and murders happening in the rest of their city.

While this might be a far cry from the security situation in your city, it really all comes down to a sense of control. When you don’t rely on private security, it’s easy to feel that you’re just waiting on the city or country to deliver the security that you’re paying taxes for. You might even feel you’re last in line waiting for much needed security benefits. All this goes away when you hire a private security service provider.