Are Cops Obligated to Intervene in a Crime Scene while Off-Duty?

When a cop is off duty, intervening in a crime scene is, generally speaking, voluntary. They have a lot more leeway in assessing the threat to their physical safety should they intervene.

This means that if a cop is lining up at a bank to withdraw money from an ATM and a robber shows up and points a gun at the face of the person in front of the cop, the cop can just sit there and is under absolutely no legal compulsion to lift a finger.

Now, that’s the law speaking. But, let’s face it, people who go through the police academy and who choose to become a cop instead of going into any other line of work have a certain personality. They tend to be driven by action. In many cases, they’re looking for action.

So, to say that cops are not legally obligated to intervene in a crime scene while off-duty really isn’t saying much. Because when you read the news about robberies being foiled, rapes being thwarted, and murders being prevented, a lot of these are done by people passing by who happen to be off-duty cops.

If you’re a cop and you go off-duty because your shift has ended, you don’t automatically stop being a cop. You’re still a cop by training, and you’re definitely a cop by temperament and attitude. You also have your weapon with you.

So, given that situation, given that mix of factors, it is no surprise that a lot of off-duty cops tend to be at the right place at the right time, to produce the right outcome. Thank goodness for them. Seriously. Thank goodness for our off-duty law enforcement professionals because without that added layer of protection, civilians are basically at the mercy of criminals.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t this a bit of an overkill? Doesn’t this open a can of worms as far as the over-extension of police power and all sorts of private domain?” Well, think about it this way, wouldn’t you want a cop to be in the area if you are shopping or you’re lining up at the ATM?

Because you have to understand that crime can happen to anyone at any time. That’s just a fact. And to think that there has to be tightly defined lines as to where cops can be or cannot be is really just handing over the safety of yourself as well as your family members and loved ones onto the hands of criminals.

If people who don’t hesitate to rob, steal and kill hear that there is some sort of cop-free place that will remain completely free of cops on a 24/7 basis, what do you think will happen? That’s right, those people will show up.

It is not surprise that a lot of mass shootings in the United States tend to happen in places where there is a tremendous amount of gun control. It really is mind blowing in terms of its regularity.

How come? Well, they know that the people that they’re going to shoot up, nine times out of ten, won’t fire back. It’s not much of a mass shooting when you go to a place like Texas where people are legally allowed to shoot back.

You may bring a small pistol and you think you’re the big man and that you’re the tough guy and you’re knocking out people, shooting them one by one.

Well, if you’re in Texas, somebody might turn around and blast you in the face with a shotgun because they’re legally allowed to do that. Or, better yet, they return your 22 fire with a massive burst from a semi-automatic.

I raise this issue because off-duty cops are essentially civilians when they go off duty. But, technically speaking, they’re still cops. They have the training and they know what to do in the right situations. In fact, you only need to go on YouTube to see how big of a blessing off duty cops are. They really are.

Because in one video that I saw at a gas station robbery, you can tell that the gas station attendant was basically wetting himself, and the robber pointing a gun at his temple and demanding his money.

Obviously, the gas attendant did not have any money because that’s the whole point of being a gas attendant. All the money is in the cash register at the area where people pay at a gas station.

This robber was either dumb or just basically wants to scare the daylights out of the gas station attendant. But this guy was just scared out of his wits. And then comes an off-duty cop who was just at the right place at the right time, completely by accident. This guy just showed up to refuel his car.

When he saw what was happening, he went through the motions. He saw the robber, so he raised his hands. Everything was chill. The robber thought this was going to be a straight, quick, in and out operation. Basically, he’s just there to show up, scare people, relieve them of their hard-earned cash, and get the hell out of there.

Well, he had another thing coming because the off-duty cop basically gave him a false sense of security by turning his body so that the robber cannot see what the off-duty cop was doing with this left hand.

The robber was focused on the guy he’s pointing a gun at. And then before he knew it, his brains were all over the pavement. You can see that on YouTube. It’s pretty rough.

You really have to have the stomach for it but it highlights the importance of allowing off-duty cops to carry weapons because they add an extra layer of protection as far as civilians are concerned.

Make no mistake, there are bad guys all over the place, and it’s only a matter of time until it’s your turn. And believe me, it’s very easy to say, “Well, off duty cops have absolutely no business being cops when they’re off duty.” It’s easy to say that when you’re nice and safe, ironically, thanks to the labor of cops.

But once you’re out there and you have a .45 pointed at your head and the guy is ready to fire, you better bet that you would love to have an off-duty cop there to save the day.

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